Vintage fashion is an attitude


When people talk about fashion, when people mention most fashionable area in the world, Europe will always appear in them, such as France, Britain, Italy, Belgium and so on. European fashion is always at the forefront in the world, all the famous fashion designers are active in there, they are inspired by those cities, gain momentum through the cities. Strong western history left its mark on the city and also has impact on the people, vintage fashion is an attitude, it represents the European’s outlook on life.


Paris has been well known as romantic city, before we come to Paris, we had full of infinite imagination of Paris, of course, it is really worthy of the romantic city.

Paris is the capital city of France, it is also the largest city in France and the second largest city in Europe, and Paris are the political, economic, cultural and business center of France as well. Paris also one of the world’s four major international city, and the rest are New York, London, Tokyo.

Paris is a city with 1,400 years history, it has retained the imprint of the past, some place still maintain the historic layout, and also to retain the vintage style.

“Fashion is both a material and a symbolic reality. Its institutions, players, objects and practices are invested with a variety of meanings and values whose ‘truth’ is a constant object of struggle.” – Michel Foucault

In France, Paris has been called the fashion capital by the fashion journalism from the late 1980s. Also it’s world-famous by the Parisian woman. (Rocamora, Breward&Gilbert, 2006)

paris market

This is the Paris famous flea market, which you can find all the vintage stuffs over there, like furnishings, tableware set, toys, luxury garments and jewelries. The entire market showed people a feeling of strong historical and cultural atmosphere, although it is already modern 21st century, and yet people are still willing to buy and use these things to decorate their own.


Colette is a boutique store in Paris, hosting an incredible selection of merchandise, the store where you virtually find everything hip, from toys to magazines, from furniture to jewelry and luxury men and women apparel. Many people are attracted to here, we had met a girl which is a model from Amsterdam. She said, “I’m really in love with this city, because Paris is a huge city, and women here are so independent, so femininity, and more beauty than where I lives.” Paris has a lot of similar boutiques, very good combination of contemporary fashion style and vintage fashion style, which are not subject to conflict together in one store, and also very attractive, just like the city, like Paris style.


London and New York tied for the world’s largest financial center. London is the UK’s political, economic, cultural and financial center and world-famous tourist destination, there are a large number of attractions and museums. London is a diverse city, residents from around the world, it is a city which has many racial, religious and cultural. Languages use more than 300 kinds.

“London as one of the global fashion system, known in international circles for its fashion heritage and diversity, its hybrid sense of style, its vibrant consumer culture, and the creativity of its fashion graduates. ” – Edwina Ehrman

London Fashion cited a wealth of cultural style, designers through London’s history and tradition, geography and environment, popular culture, ethnic and racial mix, and youth and subcultures to get sources of inspiration, then they start their originality and experimentation in their fashion work. This city has most outstanding British designer, historic clothing studio, it is Britain’s leading retail center, has many British designer’s flagship store, the leading international brands, and small independent British designer brand. It’s also has a lot of boutiques, department stores, fashion market. It is a leader in the UK mainstream and independent fashion lifestyle. (Ehrman, n.d)


The old market in Liverpool station.

Vintage store (Goods) 01

Vintage store (Goods) 02

Vintage store around old market at liverpool station.vintage store fashion

Vintage store named BLITZ.

From the above pictures it can be seen in London, people are more fascination with vintage fashion style than people in Paris. In the store, they sell vintage denim garment, vintage hat, retro shoes Martin, retro plaid scarf and everything are vintaged. Then London people through those elements combined in different ways to get their own unique classic vintage fashion style. We had been to several of market, like borough market, camden stables market, and old truman brewery market, to understand people in London, it’s seams these vintage fashion trend are entered into people’s breath, can not be separated.

Ruby Hernandez

Interview: Jun Yu

Photo: Jiaqi Xu

Ruby Hernandez is a London based fashion stylist. The picture above is what Ruby’s daily style. He said the London city itself gives him lots of inspiration to wear like this way, because there are so many different people from different country and they settled down here long time ago, it is a big influences. Also, he inspired by the architecture in London and young people.  He was wearing the long vest with fur hoodie and a same colour tone leather jacket inside.The scarf and pant that he worn are scottish plaid. It is quite correspond with each other. He was wearing the patent leather oxford shoes and it is very Britsh style. Turn around, his giant camoutflage pattern backpack is a big contrast with his whole outfit, however, it is harmony.

Rebecca Raymond

Interview: Jun Yu

Photo: Jiaqi Xu

Rebecca Raymond comes from Brooklyn and currently studies Fashion journalist in London college of Fashion. She loves stuff from 60s and she said wake up in the morning and play the music of 60s is very joyful. When think about the inspiration of wearing like this way, she said when she worked in a vintage shop in Brooklyn , her colleague, a women who is aged at 45 inspired her a lot. The make up and the way her colleague to dress all gives Rebecca a inspiration to dress like a vintage style. The pictures above shows Rebecca wear the colourful fur coat and the martins shoes. She tied her hair up and wearing a pair of big circle earings.

1960s makeup and fashion


JoJo and Linbing Zhu

Interview: Jun Yu

Photo: Jiaqi Xu

JoJo and Linbing Zhu are year 1 fashion design students from Central Saint Martins.The reason they dress like this way is inspired by their classmates and teachers. The city and the school give them the feeling to wear like this. They bought their clothes in east London. As you can see , the pictures above shows they wear layers of clothes, the colours are contrasts with each other pieces, also, the accessories are very vintage styles. They bought those clothes and accessories from different brands, some of them are from vintage shops in east London, some of them are quite contemporary brands.





Katie Tocker

Interview: Jun Yu

Photo: Jiaqi Xu

Katie Tocker is a Local people of London and come to see the London Fashion week.She works for a magazine.  At the first sight, the most significant point is the fur scarf that she worn. Very luxury and vintage style. She said she likes mixing both high street style and vintage together, it can be a great match. She loves some classic style and precise detail clothes, such like Burberry.And she would also like to wear some local individual brand. The city whole atmosphere give her a feeling to wear like this.


Naa Shika Tettehslatey

Interview: Jun Yu

Photo: Jiaqi Xu

Naa Shika Tettehslatey is artist based in London. She loves put things together. Such like the pictures above, she was wearing a black heavy fur vest outside and a light weight brick colour suit inside. That shoes she wear is her school shoes and she feel them match each other. Naa Shika Tettehslatey is very interested in 1950s fashion, she said she loves those elegance women. All the surrounding give her inspiration for daily dressing. The art, music and also, her sister, who always wear the platform shoes. Despite her sister dressing quite opposite way to her, she still get inspiration from her.


Larry Enzo

Interview: Jun Yu

Photo: Jiaqi Xu

Larry Enzo owns a rock music brand in London. He wearing layers as the pictures above shown. In his daily life, he likes wearing leather jacket, some accessories with skulls, he said it slightly darkness, but he loves mixing those things together. The clothes that he owns are varies from 50s, late60s and 80s. The American singer Jim Morrison is his inspiration.


Jim Morrison

Those people that we have interviewed above have some same point. They are all art or fashion related, so it means they belong to a tribe. They are all influenced by the vintage surroundings : people, music, art, architecture etc. Why these people’s dressing have vintage element? Why in this contemporary ages, these people still look backward to be kind of vintage style?  In London, on the one hand, people surrounded by centuried architecture, antique furniture, vintage clothing and music, they will be ‘infected ‘ by the atmosphere. They have a feeling and sense to blend in those atmosphere. On the other hand, London have lot of other contemporary brand and boutique. When people mix contemporary and vintage together, there is a impressed ‘chemical reaction’. Vintage is the specialness, the whimsy, it not just the old second hand clothes. And vintage is not just point to a specific pieces of clothing, it is a attitude and a spirit.




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